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Gulfstream Trading Platform

Custom built and unique to the industry, GTP is an online ordering facility. With built in pricing and the ability to automatically account for variances occurring within the supply chain, GTP relieves customers of administrative burdens.

  • Realtime fuel availability figures
  • Online ordering and order tracking
  • Fuel price forecasting
  • Order history and transaction management

Gulfstream Energy Mobile App

Our APP provides the following exciting features for customers and prospective customers:

  • Access fuel price change trends on a daily basis
  • Place your order via the APP
  • Real-time tracking of your order status
  • Up-to-date delivery estimates for deliver orders
  • Earn points with our Gulfies Rewards Programme when you order via the APP
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Earn Gulfies when placing orders on the Gulfstream app. Gulfies are redeemable points earned by placing orders via our APP.

  • For every 1000 litres of product ordered, 1 Gulfie point is earned, which is equivalent to R1.
  • Gulfies can be redeemed on a quarterly basis, and the minimum redeemable amount is 50 Gulfies.
  • Gulfies earned has a maximum life cycle of 24 months, and Gulfies not redeemed within the 24 month period will expire.
  • Your dashboard on the APP will reflect your Gulfie status each time an order is completed.

Need more info? For further information about Gulfies, please contact


Redeem Gulfies with the Gulfies gift card, which can be used at any MasterCard point of sale. The monetary value of earned Gulfies will be loaded to the gift card.

We encourage the safekeeping of Gulfies gift cards as the monetary value on lost or stolen cards cannot be reimbursed. The added benefit of the Gulfies gift card is that future redemption of Gulfies can be made on the same card, provided that the card has not expired.


Gulfstream has supported Dorah’s Ark for many years and we are pleased to create an opportunity for our customers to participate in contributing to the sustainability of this humble organisation by donating Gulfies earned.