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Partner with us for tailor-made retail solutions.

Whether you are an independent retail service station in need of an alternative fuel supplier, or in the process of setting up your very own service station from scratch, at Gulfstream we are committed to working with you in the manner in which you need and desire to be worked with.

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Ensuring security of supply and delivering quality fuel products nation-wide.

At Gulfstream we understand that your fuel needs to be delivered on time and in full, which is why we have access to a dedicated fleet of own and pre-approved contracted bulk delivery vehicles countrywide.

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75% black women-owned fuel wholesaler with proven experience in managing and operating large-scale on-site refuelling operations.

At Gulfstream Energy we understand that procurement of fuel within the mining sector holds different considerations to other commercial entities. While security of supply, safety and strict compliance to all necessary regulations remains non-negotiable, so too is the delivery of a total fuel management system.

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Public Sector

Marine & Ports

Gulfstream Energy delivers circa 100 million litres of fuel to 7 of South Africa’s ports since inception.

Through long-term, secure and reliable supplier relationships, we assist independent wholesalers by ensuring their accessibility to product.

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Partner with a growing truckport network.

Through long-term, secure and reliable supplier relationships, we assist independent wholesalers by ensuring their accessibility to product.

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Public sector

Public Sector

Independent 75% black women-owned fuel wholesaler with guaranteed security of supply.

Gulfstream Energy has the required experience when it comes to working with major government departments and other parastatal or state-owned entities. Due to our extensive hands-on involvement across these supply chains, an important part of our value proposition includes a deep understanding of the intricate nature of internal processes within these organisations.

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Tailor-made aviation fuelling solutions.

The need to adhere to stringent regulations across South Africa’s aviation industry is of paramount importance and a key focus at Gulfstream Energy.

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Customer Own Collection

Collect the right product, at the right price, at your convenience, in a location suitable for you.

At Gulfstream we do our utmost to understand your business. With hundreds of lifting slips provided monthly to Customer Own Collection (COC) customers, we live up to our promise of ‘Making business easy’ by enabling access to fuel in a way that works for you.

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Mini-bulk Solutions Delivering diesel direct to you fast, PowerOn delivers fuel direct to your equipment on-site, be it a generator, bowser or small tank. Simply call in to place an order and PowerOn will deliver. Delivering in Gauteng, Western Cape and Port Elizabeth.

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What our customers say

Sector: Commercial

“In our business, security of supply is crucial. With an order that needed to be filled and a supplier who could not deliver, we turned to Gulfstream Energy.”

Deon Hellberg- Plasser South Africa

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Sector: Commercial

I wanted to just thank you and your team on the excellent service and commitment to your customers during these trying times. I cannot thank them enough for the outstanding assistance and dedication to ensuring we are supplied with product.

It does not go unnoticed and we are really humbled by the work culture instilled in your organisation.

Aadil Abdool - SA Taxi

Sector: Retail

I once read an article about Amazon and the impressive results they achieve. Jeff Bezos contributes the overall success to high standards in every sphere of their business. I searched for high standard suppliers and their prices are sometimes not the cheapest, but found our standards increase, which had a multiplying effect on our customers and their satisfaction. I value Gulfstream as a high standard supplier and have been proud to be associated with Gulfstream.

Dries van der Walt- Owner Gulfstream Phahladira Service Station



How Fuel is Supplied in South Africa (and Why the Fuel Price Changes Every Month)

Ever pulled up to a service station and wondered how fuel is priced? Most people know that the petrol price changes every month and that petrol is a bit more expensive inland, than it is at the coast. Most of us also understand that diesel works in a similar way.

But how, exactly, does it all come together?


4 Things You Should Know About How Diesel and Petrol is Supplied in South Africa

With the recent dire fuel constraints, have you ever wondered how fuel is supplied into the South African market?

South Africa has a bit of a mixed bag in terms of how its market is supplied. Here are the 4 things you should know about how diesel and petrol is supplied in South Africa.


Gulfstream Energy - History in the Making

The arrival of oil tanker Marlin Ammolite in the Eastern mole of Cape Town harbour on 3 July signalled the beginning of a new era in fuel distribution for Gulfstream Energy.

Fuel Price Information

      Diesel Petrol IP
  Opening Closing 50ppm ULP95 ULP93  
Average Unit Over / (Under) Recovery 28/06/2024 18/07/2024 -6.257 6.768 2.770 0.627
Unit Over / (Under) Recovery 28/06/2024 18/07/2024 13.648 -4.425 -10.524 20.322
Average Basic Fuel Price 28/06/2024 18/07/2024 1268.620 1234.034 1199.631 1252.301
Basic Fuel Price 28/06/2024 18/07/2024 1243.382 1219.995 1186.094 1227.806
Press Release Contributions to BFP 28/06/2024 1277.030 1310.190 1276.190 1266.128
Gauteng Pump Price 03/04/2024 2445 2413
Coastal Pump Price 03/04/2024 2373
Gauteng Wholesale Price 03/04/2024 2261.270 1647.938