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Our value promise for Own Collection customers

Through long-term, secure and reliable supplier relationships, we assist independent wholesalers by ensuring their accessibility to product.

Committed to ‘best price possible’, our supplier network comprising over 30 depots and refineries countrywide ensures that accessibility to product is not only smooth, easy and convenient, but guaranteed.

At Gulfstream we do our utmost to understand your business. With a track record of supplying fuel to independent wholesalers for many years and currently servicing approximately 40 wholesalers around the country, we are committed to ‘making business easy’ – enabling access to fuel in a way that works for you.

Security of Supply

With our diverse supplier network, comprising over 30 depots and refineries around the country, we pride ourselves on guaranteeing supply availability.


Collect product at your convenience, in a location most suitable for you. From Pretoria to Durban, Johannesburg to Cape Town - and anywhere in between, we make collections easy.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that every cent counts, offering ‘best price possible’ across all transactions.

Easy Admin

Remove unnecessary admin burdens with the Gulfstream Trading Platform (GTP), an online purchasing platform tailored for your convenience. Built in pricing, with the ability to automatically account for variances occurring within the supply chain, makes traditionally time intensive admin processes easy.

Prompt Settlement of Variances (overs and unders)

Transparency and accountability is key. We guarantee settlement of variances by the 15th of each month and do same-day refunds in the event of any product shortages.

End to End Customer Assistance

From lending “on the ground” support at depots, providing real time information on per depot product availability and relevant information on anticipated price movements, we are dedicated to ‘making business easy’ and building long-term sustainable relationships. Our part does not end with the provision of lifting slips – we stay involved until our customers are satisfied!

Looking for security of supply?

Shireen Bosch

"In our business, security of supply is crucial. With an order that needed to be filled and a supplier who could not deliver, we turned to Gulfstream Energy."

Green Petroleum

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