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Our value promise for Aviation customers

The need to adhere to stringent regulations across South Africa’s aviation industry is of paramount importance and a key focus at Gulfstream Energy. Carving a niche within a highly competitive industry, at Gulfstream we understand the need for premium product coupled with absolutely no room for error. The delivery of product, including both Jet A-1 and Avgas, is tailored to customer requirements with Gulfstream able to supply via either road or rail in bulk, drums or directly in support of a customer’s own infrastructure.

Procurement Benefits

Our 74% black women ownership and Level 3 B-BBEE rating enables our customers to claim 100% of spend in support of their own preferential procurement and B-BBEE rating.

Security of Supply

With our diverse supplier network, including all the refineries around the country, we pride ourselves on guaranteeing supply availability. Our multi-layered supply strategy ensures our reliability at sourcing fuel and enables us to supply our customers irrespective of prevailing industry circumstances.

End-to-end Delivered Solution

Gulfstream is able to deliver product to any location in the country, whether by road or rail. Our advanced operations model allows for real time tracking of fleet and updates to customers regarding estimated delivery times.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that every cent counts and are committed to offering our customers the best ‘real price over time’.

Equipment and Technical Assistance

From the provision of pumps, tanks and fuel management solutions through to the provision of technical services and maintenance, we are dedicated to ‘making business easy’ and building long-term sustainable relationships.

Safety and Security

HSSE remains our top priority. At Gulfstream, we strictly adhere to all relevant and legislated regulations.

Looking for security of supply?

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