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Gulfstream Energy and Green Petroleum – working together for the benefit of all

15 October 2014

Founded in 2009 and enjoying a client base of 20+ customers, Green Petroleum is an independent fuel wholesaler based in the Western Cape. As players in the same industry, one would think that a relationship with Gulfstream Energy be of a slightly competitive nature.  “But this could not be further from the truth,” says Yusuf Williams, Sales Director, Green Petroleum.

“In our business, security of supply is crucial,” continues Williams.  With an order that needed to be filled and a supplier who could not deliver, Green Petroleum turned to Gulfstream Energy.  “It’s a complex industry complete with some unscrupulous players,” says Williams.  After conducting extensive research, Green Petroleum decided to engage with Gulfstream.  “We placed an order for 40,000 litres, and have not looked back.”  What started as a once-off directive has quickly evolved to Gulfstream now being responsible for as much as 99% of Green Petroleum’s fuel supply.

But as vital as security of supply, the real value lies in the relationship and superior customer service. “Irrespective of the time we call – day or night, Gulfstream is always available and willing to help resolve our query,” says Shireen Bosch, Green Petroleum’s financial manager. “Rebates are always negotiable ensuring best price possible and the Gulfstream Trading Platform (GTP) online ordering system ensures I can place orders anytime and from any location – even whilst on holiday.”

“We are so much more than a number,” continues Williams.  With a relationship dating back to late 2012, Green Petroleum and Gulfstream continue to work hand in hand for the benefit of each other and South Africa’s fuel industry at large.

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Plasser South Africa and Gulfstream Energy: Keeping South Africa’s railway infrastructure in motion

15 October 2014

Gulfstream’s ability to ensure security of supply and deliver quality fuel products to the most remote locations imaginable, enables Plasser South Africa to ensure the smooth and seamless operation of South Africa’s railway transport system.

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