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Our Story

We founded Gulfstream Energy in 2009 and entered the local marketplace with our offering of quality and innovative petroleum solutions. Currently supplying around 2% of South Africa’s fuel to a wide range of customers, and enjoying steady double-digit growth, we look forward to continuing this path and are proud to be one of the larger independent wholesalers in the industry.

NOV 2009

Gulfstream Energy is founded

MAR 2010

First fuel supply agreement awarded

APR 2010

First order received

APR 2010

First service station delivery to POWERTUNE Service Station

JUN 2010

5 million litres of fuel sold in one month

AUG 2011

Awarded Engen service station cluster

SEP 2011

Over 20 million litres of fuel sold in one month

NOV 2013

Gulfstream becomes 100% black women-owned

DEC 2013

Awarded Transnet tender

DEC 2014

Gulfstream awarded 5-year contract to supply government departments

NOV 2015

Gulfstream opens its stateof-the-art head office and distribution centre

JAN 2016

Over 1 billion litres of fuel sold to date

OCT 2016

Awarded Department of Defense tender for supply of aviation fuel

JUL 2017

First shipment of refined product offloaded into Burgan Cape Terminal storage facility

SEP 2017

Industry-first mobile APP and loyalty programme launched to customers

FEB 2018

Total South Africa acquires 30% stake in Gulfstream Energy

Gulfstream Energy draws its name from the powerful, warm and swift Atlantic Ocean current (“The Gulfstream”). Originating at the tip of Florida, it follows the eastern coastlines of the United States and Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic Ocean – a significant potential source of renewable power generation.

At Gulfstream Energy, it’s about making business easy. Building long-term, sustainable and rewarding relationships with all stakeholders is important to us. Across every touch point and interaction, we aim to give you the best of who we are - respecting your time, meeting your requirements, and ensuring a smooth, easy and efficient experience.

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