Fuel Supply Solutions - Gulfstream Energy, South Africa


Gulfstream Energy (Pty) Ltd is a 100% Women Owned, 52% BEE petroleum company focussing on providing innovative fuel supply solutions to a wide range of customers within all market sectors of the South African economy. Gulfstream differentiates itself on the basis of competitive pricing and innovative, value adding services.


Gulfstream is staffed and managed by resources that have extensive experience in the commercial and retail fuels industry.


To support our numerous value added services, Gulfstream has strategic alliances with the following companies:


 WesBank Fleet Division

In conjunction with WesBank Fleet Division, Gulfstream customers have access to the “Genesis” financial services offer. The Genesis offer includes the provision of credit for the procurement of petroleum products, asset finance for funding capital projects and equipment and on-road refueling, toll and maintenance through Wesbank’s extensive fuel card infrastructure:


 Epic Petroleum Solutions

Epic Petroleum Solutions focuses on identifying and developing solutions to cater for any petroleum product related requirement a customer may have. Gulfstream’s strategic partnership with Epic ensures that it continues to innovate, develop and expand its service propositions to customers as the market changes.


 Intra Financial Advisers,

Intra Financial Advisers, an authorised financial services provider, specializes in risk management.  Intra is able to assist any customer requiring credit facilities to put in place the guarantees and/or securities that may be required by WesBank to secure the credit line. Intra has an extensive product offering, which includes innovative investment options that will allow a customer to build up securities over time in a structured and responsible manner.




Our long term vision is to position ourselves as a significant petroleum products supplier to the South African market. Our aim is to offer our customers exceptional  service through the use of future technology. Our customer can expect the most cost effective fuel supply solutions that conform to the highest standards of service, delivery and safety. Underpinning this solution will be an industry leading automated fuel ordering and administration system offering unprecedented levels of efficiency and available information to the customer.


Business Philosophy


Gulfstream’s business philosophy is based on that of developing strategic partnerships with best in class services providers so as to provide industry leading supply solutions to our customers.